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Club Penguin April 2012 Earth Day Party Cheats

The April 2012 Earth Day Party has finally arrived on Club Penguin. We have created a complete guide so that you can get the most out of the April 2012 Club Penguin Earth Day Party.

Free Items

To pick up a free Safari Hat, you can head over to either the Plaza or the Town.


Member’s Items

At the Snow Forts, click on the catalog icon near the bottom right hand corner of your screen to find animal costumes that you can purchase. The costumes member’s can buy at the Snow Forts are the African Painted Dog, Snow Leopard, Rock-hopper Penguin, and the Lion.Each of these costumes cost 400 coins.

Decorated Rooms

 Unfortunately, Club Penguin only decorated one room for this year’s Earth Day Party which was the Snow Forts. I expected Club Penguin to much more than this because the behind the scenes video got me excited, but I’m disappointed that the Club Penguin team only decorated the Snow Forts.

Otherwise, I love this year’s Earth Day Party and the new costumes that we can buy! What do you think of this year’s Earth Day Party so far? Please let us know in the comments section below!


Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker Earth Day Party 2012

Since Aunt Arctic will be visiting the island of Club Penguin for the Earth Day Party, we have decided to make a Aunt Arctic tracker to help you find her. This 100% accurate Aunt Arctic Tracker will update as soon as we find Aunt Arctic’s location.

Note: The Aunt Arctic Tracker below only updates when Corwo is online.

Aunt Arctic Tracker Earth Day Party 2012







Please do not use offensive language, spam, or be rude on this chat.

Aunt Arctic Tracking Tips

  1. Aunt Arctic is a green penguin with glasses and a Pink Toque
  2. Aunt Arctic usually hangs out in party rooms
  3. Use the chat above to find Aunt Arctic quicker
  4. Aunt Arctic changes servers every 10-15 minutes
  5. Follow @Corwo on Twitter for Aunt Arctic’s latest location
  6. Aunt Arctic goes on popular servers such as Frozen and Mammoth during peak hours of the day

Are you going to track Aunt Arctic with us? Did our tracker help you find Aunt Arctic? Please let us know in the comments section below!

Club Penguin Video: Behind The Scenes-New Party Rooms

Club Penguin have uploaded a brand new video to their Youtube channel. In this video, Carmen from the Club Penguin Team shows us some Earth Day Party sneak peeks. These Earth Day Party sneak peeks include new costumes, and new rooms that will be released at this year’s Earth Day Party. Check it out below:

Wow, I can’t wait for the Earth Day Party! Remember, the Earth Day Party kicks off on April 19 and ends on April 24. What do you think of these Earth Day Party sneak peeks of new rooms and new costumes? Please let us know in the comments section below!