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Become A Water Ninja

To become a Water Ninja on Club Penguin, you must first be a Club Penguin Ninja. Once you’re a ninja, head to the Ninja Hideout and enter the blue tomb.

Now talk to Sensei and he will give you a Card-Jitsu Water Starter Deck.

On the left wall, you will find the Card-Jitsu Water Legend where you can see which items you will be able to gain on your journey to becoming a Water Ninja.

The tips below will help you on your path to becoming a Water Ninja.

  • Snow defeats Water tiles
  • Water defeats Fire tiles
  • Fire defeats Snow tiles

Once you’ve received the Water Ninja Suit, you must defeat Sensei in order to become a fully-fledged Water Ninja. At first it will be challenging, but eventually Sensei will become easier to defeat.

There’s also a special action that goes along with the Water Ninja Suit, check it out below:


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