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Become A Ninja

To become a ninja on Club Penguin and master all of the elements,  first you must open your map and click on the Dojo Courtyard.

Once you’ve arrived at the Dojo Courtyard, proceed into the Dojo. Once you’re in the Dojo, talk to Sensei and he will give you a Starter Deck.

Now if you look on the wall to the left of Sensei, you will find Card-Jitsu Instructions and the Card-Jitsu Legend. Here you will not only find out how to play Card-Jitsu, but also each belt you can gain while playing Card-Jitsu.

Here are the combinations that will help you win while playing Card-Jitsu:

  • Fire defeats Snow
  • Water defeats Fire
  • Snow defeats Water

You are now ready to start the journey to becoming a Club Penguin ninja. To receive your Black Belt, you will need to win 88 matches of Card-Jitsu. After you receive your Black Belt, you will need to defeat Sensei. At first its not easy to defeat Sensei, but after he defeats you eight times it gets much easier.

When you defeat Sensei, you will be able to enter the Ninja Hideout. To enter the Ninja Hideout, go to the Dojo Courtyard and walk through the door farthest to the left.

There’s also a special action that goes along with the Ninja Suit, check it out below:

We hope our guide helped you become a full-fledged ninja on Club Penguin!


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  1. Nice color choice on the blog. It is really easy on my eyes and I have bad eyes too so that’s a really big compliment lol

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