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Become A EPF Agent

To become a EPF Agent on Club Penguin and help other agents protect the island, first you must open your map and click on the Ski Village. Once you’re at the Ski Village, head into the Every Day Phoning Facility.

To begin your test to become a EPF Agent, you must first walk over to the phone. Once you’ve done that, throw a snowball at the target to get started.

Now you must walk to the green square.

Once you’re standing on the green square, walk to the red square as fast as you can.

After you’ve gotten to the red square, move away from it. You now have 20 seconds to find a hiding place.

Now you must walk over to the blue square where you will be trapped.

To get out of the trap, throw snowballs at the circuit box.

Once you’ve destroyed the circuit box, walk over to the elevator and enter the EPF Headquarters. In the EPF Headquarters you can play mini-games, complete missions, and receive orders for the weekly Field-Ops.

We hope our guide helped you become a EPF Agent!


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