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Coin Codes Guide

To unlock Coin Codes on Club Penguin, first you must login to Club Penguin and click on “Unlock Items Online” .

Once you’ve done that, enter the code exactly as it is on your coin.

When you’ve entered the code correctly, you will receive your item and you can choose two items from the Treasure Book.

Once you’ve chosen your Treasure Book items, you will receive the items you chose as well as some coins.

When you click “Play Now” you will receive every item you chose. We hope our guide helped you unlock your Coin Codes!


5 Responses

  1. corwo i quess u brought a pizia pengiun

    • Haha yeah! Target had them on sale so I got 4 Puffle CC’s and I used the penguin CC for myself to create this guide.

  2. i knew because you get the pizia apron from that toy

  3. i might buy one today because i dont have school until thursday

  4. corwo please check my igloo im caleb luke your friend

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