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Club Penguin Paper Coin Code Giveaway

Over the past few months, you all have been very supportive of our website. Since you’ve been so supportive, the team here at Club Penguin Paper have decided to giveaway three Coin Codes to show our appreciation. If you are unsure how to unlock a Coin Code click on the image below.

Now, let’s begin with the giveaway!

Coin Code 1


Coin Code 2


Coin Code 3


Remember, please tell us if you won and send us a picture as soon as possible! Did you win the Coin Code? Let us know in the comments section below!


16 Responses

  1. i won the second code :)

  2. Cool :D

  3. could you repeat the second code? i unlock the objects of the treasure book but i dont have it

  4. i want one!please

    • I’m sorry Calebluke , I never give individual codes unless I really want to because it could be unfair to others and not to mention, I don’t have any money to buy more codes yet! Sorry.

  5. thats ok just checking if you did have some waddle on!

  6. corwo if you ever get more please can i have one

    • I’m sorry I don’t give out codes individually, all codes will be in giveaway. Good luck next time though Calebluke! Who knows, maybe some day I’ll get an extra code, if I do get a extra I really don’t need for anything, I MIGHT give it to someone!

  7. someone like me

  8. what sever is aunt arctic on corwo it only says shes online but what server

  9. corwo just asking are you throwing any more partys because i love partys!

    • I will once our new hosted site gets 50,000 views (after it is released) I had to reschedule that last party though do to re-construction

  10. why are you not posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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