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Club Penguin Field-Op #78 Cheats

Club Penguin have recently released this week’s Field-Op for EPF Agents to complete. Every week, a Field-Op is released on Club Penguin for penguins to complete in efforts to try and stop Herbert and Klutzy from causing danger on Club Penguin. To begin the Field-Op, click on your Spyphone to go to the EPF Headquarters. Once you’re there, click on the Field-Ops Board and you will receive this week’s orders from Gary.

When you have received your orders from Gary you will need to find the location of the Field-Op. This week’s location is at the Snow Forts near the top right hand corner.

Once your Spyphone begins to blink, click on it to begin this week’s mission. To complete this week’s mission, you must break the code by scanning shapes until you get them in the correct order.

After you complete this week’s mission, you will receive a message from Gary.

The message from Gary reads:

“Well done,Agent. You’ve picked up an unusual signal…The message is blank, but it’s definitely encrypted. Why would someone send a blank message? This is very strange. Stay on alert-this may be an important clue ”

Congratulations agent, you’ve now completed this week’s Field-Op! Did you think this Field-Op was easy? Please let us know in the comments section below!


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