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Club Penguin April 2012 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

The April 2012 Penguin Style Catalog is now available. In this month’s Penguin Style, you will find lots of amazing new items. Below is the cover of this month’s Penguin Style Catalog.


To find the Dark Cocoa Bunny Costume and Dark Cocoa Bunny Ears, click on the tree farthest to the right of the page.

To find the Green Recycle T-Shirt, click on the shovel.

To find the Red Viking Helmet, click on the penguin’s foot.

To find the Blue Viking Helmet, open and close the previous cheat three times.

To find the Brown Shoes, click on the scarf of the penguin’s playercard.

To find the White Feather Boa, click on the beak of the penguin on the left.

To find the Silver Star Necklace, click on the beak on the playercard of the blue penguin.

To find the Divers Helmet, Divers Suit, and Green Flippers, click on the shell near the bottom of the page.

To find the Blue Flippers and Pink Flippers, click on the beak of the penguin’s playercard.

To find The Classic, Marine Vest Outfit, Bronze Music Note Necklace, and Yellow Sandals, click on the yellow penguin’s hand.

To find the Pink Snorkel and Blue Snorkel, click on the snow near the bottom of the page.

That’s all of the cheats for this month’s Penguin Style Catalog! I think Club Penguin did a great job on these new items! What do you think of this month’s Penguin Style? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us on this month’s catalog!


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  1. Hey, nice site! :D #Shoutout, please ahahah :3

  2. Thank’s this really helped me! :)

  3. there are lots of exciting stuff in the catalog this week!

  4. Hehe.. I didn’t noticed of the last one n_n Thx!

  5. Lolz this site has everything xD like the yellow bunny ears nobody notices :D

    • Haha!Thank you bro, that means a lot. We try our best to bring you the greatest Club Penguin Cheats possible!

  6. Thanks a lot! I didn’t notice the first one! You helped me a lot!

  7. I didn’t know there were more cheats!! Thanks!

  8. Thanks, helped a lot! #Shoutout please ;)

  9. Hey corwo nice site can I have a shoutout

  10. Hey dude, what do you mean you can code trackers? lol

    -Double Mvp

    • Oh, I meant I can create trackers by coding HTML and designing them. (Example: the tracker pages on our right sidebar)

  11. Hello. Your site is great, and this post helped my alot.

    – signed, @bigfoot49211 ( twitter.com/bigfoot49211 )

  12. Thanks for the help! @biggoot49211 n_n

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