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Happy St. Patrick’s Day-And The Story Of Green

We have decided to do something new here at Club Penguin Paper CP and make more personal posts. First of all, I’d like to say Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I know not all countries celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but I wanted to share a creative story with you guys so remember to wear green, dance a jig, and have fun looking for four leaf clovers.

Where did the green go? Last year Club Penguin took away the St. Patrick’s Day party but that hasn’t stopped us from celebrating! In fact, I am wearing all green on Club Penguin, but I also decorated my igloo all green. Before I decorated this igloo, I proceeded to the Pet Shop wearing my Green Puffle Costume when I spotted PH. There, she was carrying some boxes of decorations.

As PH walked by with the boxes, she noticed me and said hello. When I asked PH where she was taking these boxes , she replied the Dojo! When we got to the Dojo, I noticed a box of Lime Green paint. I reminded PH that there wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day last year and she said we should carry on the heritage of Club Penguin’s history. Immediately, we both had the same thought to take these boxes to the of decorations to the Mine Shack and dip them in the paint so we would have a St. Patrick’s Day Party! Once we were done, PH decided that we should go to my igloo and she helped me decorate it for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Party.

I hope you enjoyed the story! Also, I would just like to give a huge shoutout to all of those who have supported our site throughout this week, thank you! Should I create another story sometime? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us on this St. Patrick’s Day story!


2 Responses

  1. I love this story, it’s amazing! You’re a really talented writer/author, keep it up Corwo, you’ll do HUGE things in the future.


  2. I love stories and this is an awesome one, you should submit it to Club Penguin near the end of the year when they want stories. It’ll win for sure. :)

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