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Club Penguin Puffle Party 2012 Cheats

The Puffle Party has finally arrived on Club Penguin. Below, Club Penguin Paper CP have provided these cheats.

Free Items

To find the Polka Dot Puffle Hat, go to the Puffle Show, Plaza, or Town.

To find the First Prize Puffle BG go to the Puffle Show and click on the camera.

To find the St. Patrick’s Day Hat, go to the Mine Shack.

 To find the Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat, go to the Ski Lodge.


This year all Club Penguin players can visit the Puffle Show, but member’s can transform into their Puffles at the all new Puffle Play Zone. Member’s can also visit the Rooftop.


That’s all of the cheats for this year’s Puffle Party! How are you enjoying the Puffle Party so far? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!


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  1. Hey dude, it’s been a while.. What’s up!!

    -Double Mvp

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