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Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Code Giveaway February 2012

Since the opening of Club Penguin Paper CP last month, you all have been VERY supportive! To show our appreciation for this support, we have decided to give away four Card-Jitsu Codes.

You can click on the image below to spread the word on Twitter.

Card Jitsu Code 1

Used By Lordmaster96 (Proof: https://twitter.com/#!/LordMaster96/status/170928899704889345/photo/1)

Card-Jitsu Code 2

Used By Max88183 (Proof: https://twitter.com/#!/Max88183)

Card-Jitsu Code 3

Used By Max88183 (Proof: https://twitter.com#!/Max88183)

Card-Jitsu Code 4

Used By Sammany_Dude (Proof: https://twitter.com/#!/Sammany_Dude/status/170938746471059456/photo/1)

Please share the giveaway on Twitter and keep refreshing for the Card-Jitsu codes! Also if you win a code, please let us know in a comment! Good luck everyone!


One Response

  1. I won the first one. Thanks :D First time I won something.

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